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10 Feb 2019

Hello world

Hello world!! Time to start another blog. But yeah uhm why?

I’ve been working on a few (particularly compression-related) projects that are difficult to cover nicely in stream format, as I’d like to 1. have the information in writing, which should be easier to digest; and 2. not spend a lot of time preparing for such a stream/series that would be organized enough to be useful. I’d of course still like to do streams on these projects, and plan to do so, but they’d probably be more like high-level overviews with Q&A and would use the relevant blog post(s) as a rough outline and place to point to for learning more.

I’d also like to have an alternative channel (besides streaming/twitter specifically) to output some thoughts or details or whatever whenever I feel like. I will not have any sort of set publishing schedule and I don’t necessarily want to make technical writing something I do regularly; I just want to have the option and a more focused place to open a dialog about more technical discussions.

So yeah. Hope to end up with something useful here. Time will tell I suppose :)

10 Feb 2019

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ferris | 12 Feb 2019

cheers andro :)

andro | 11 Feb 2019

Great idea Ferris. I’ll definitely be following your posts. Keep em coming !